Cold Therapy Ice Packs

EZ ICE is simple to use.

Place in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours. Once frozen strap it on your horse. 

Keep your horse on ties or in their stall while the ice wrap is cooling down the leg or hoof. For faster cool down sponge or hose your horse first. Cold therapy is wonderful for SWELLING, PAIN, INCREASING CIRCULATION, HEAT AND COOL DOWNS. Use the ice wraps after a  show or hard work out to soothe muscles and joints. Our Tendon Wraps, Universal Leg Wraps or Hoof Combo Boots are easy to travel with. Freeze them and transfer to a cooler. if your horse is injured ice is usually the first thing to apply.  

  • We recommend calling your Veterinarian for serious injuries. 
  • Icing your horse several times and day will lead to faster recovery times. 

Traveling with Your Horse 

When out of town most hotels will freeze the EZ ICE Wraps for you and they will be ready in the morning for you. The Ice Wraps are always good to have incase an emergency happens.